Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Fallen insulation in kitchen after attic water loss.

Attic Water Loss Causes Ceiling To Collapse

You know that small brown spot on your ceiling?  Well, you might want to get that checked out.  This small drip quickly turned in to a flood that totally wiped out the ceiling and insulation in this homeowner's kitchen.  Any water loss, big or small, should be handled immediately in order to prevent a catastrophe.

Group picture of SERVPRO employees standing outside in front of SERVPRO van

Thank You For Supporting Our Team

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been supportive and graceful during this hectic season.  We have been running around the clock, doing our best to help each and every person who has experienced water damage since the ice storm.  We love our customers and we appreciate YOU for being patient with us!

A large pack out we did in Weatherford, Texas

Pack Out

Our team here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties will do whatever is necessary to give our customers the best service. Our customers are the most important part of this business! When we perform a pack-out, we carefully wrap and store all your belongings, take them back to our shop, and hand clean each item. With our team recording and filing each item, we are sure you will never be missing a single possession. Call us today for more information. (817)596-8714

SERVPRO workers helping with Corona Virus

SERVPRO is here no matter what

The SERVPRO workers all across the United States are helping those in need. We are proud to say that in this time of stress we can help ease your worries and clean up your home or office. Our services include many forms of disinfectants and bacterial prevention. Please call us today for a deep cleaning! (817)596-8715 

A hair salon covered in fire exstinguisher spray from a break-in/vandalism

Fire exstinguisher vandalism/break-in in Mineral wells, TX

In Mineral Wells, TX, we had a small hair salon break-in. When we entered the building, it was covered in the residue left from the fire extinguisher. We got to work and scrubbed and swept until it was gone. The customer was very impressed by how well we removed the "dust" from the building. At SERVPRO we want to show our customers that we value them and care about their things. While break-ins are rare, they do happen. Regardless, we are always willing to help. Never hesitate to call or ask questions. Call SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties today. (817)596-8714

Mold removal from customer's belongings.

Mold Removal

SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties provides our customers with numerous services which include but are not limited to fire & water cleanup, duct & carpet cleanings, and mold removal. We'll even clean your personal belongings. This customer called us in need of a mold removal from his trophy buck! Give SERVPRO a call today (817)596-8714.