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Commercial building has had flooring and baseboards removed due to water loss

Commercial Water Loss

If you scroll through our photo gallery, you'll notice that some water loss jobs require a lot of demolition.  This photo is a perfect example of what it looks like when the loss only requires slight demolition.  For this job, our team removed the carpeting and baseboards and then punctured the lower portion of the wall to allow air to circulate throughout.

Baseboards Removed From Commercial Building Due To Water Loss

Water Loss Isn't Always a Big Deal

This commercial water loss in Parker County was caused by the seal on the front door not performing properly.  While it was raining outside, the water slowly seeped in.  Fortunately, the drywall was hardly affected which means that only the baseboards were removed from the walls.  Our team was also able to fully dry out the carpet without having to remove or replace any of it.  If your business has experienced a water loss, give us a call! 817-596-8714

Business with drywall and ceilings completely removed due to water loss

MAJOR Water Loss Requires MAJOR Rehab

This local business haa tough luck when it comes to water loss.  Our team had to completely strip the drywall off of the framing and ceilings to allow the building to dry and avoid mold growth.  This was a big project, nonetheless, but we were able to complete it in record time!  The owner was impressed with the quality of our work and the little time that it was completed in.  If your home or business has experienced a water loss, give us a call at 817-596-8714

Major mold growth found behind commercial bathroom wallpaper

Mold Hides!

While searching for moisture after a commercial water loss, our team found mold growth behind the bathroom wallpaper.  We immediately swooped in and began the SERVPRO mold remediation process.  Fortunately, we were able to clean and sanitize the area, minimizing the amount of mold spores left behind.  If you think your home or business may be experiencing mold growth, call us today! 817-596-8714

busted pipe inside of a hotel ceiling

Leaky Pipe

Our team recently cleaned and mitigated a hotel. This commercial job involved a busted pipe inside the ceiling above several rooms. If you have  any questions about our cleaning services, do not hesitate to call. (817)596-8715

Wet carpet in a commercial building before mitigation begins

Commercial Carpet Restoration

Commercial buildings are an important part of our business. While we often do residential homes, we sometimes get calls from big companies. This water job occurred in Granbury, Texas at an animal clinic. The leak came from a water heater on the second floor. We quickly restored the carpet and dried the walls. Call SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties today! (817)596-8714