Water Damage Photo Gallery

Corroded washing machine hose

Time For An Inspection

It's no secret that most plumbing parts are made to last, but this doesn't mean that they don't eventually wear.  This homeowner's washing machine hose corroded over time until it formed a hole that caused his laundry room to flood.  If you haven't looked behind your washer in a while, use this as your sign to make sure all of the parts are still effective.  

Our Crew Chief is using a thermal imaging camera to detect moisture that we can't see with the naked eye.

Moisture Isn't Always Obvious

Customers often wonder how we know when certain "invisible" spaces, like the frame behind a wall, are wet.  To answer, we have a few different devices that we like to use such as the one pictured here.  This is called a thermal imaging camera.  It detects the difference in temperature of objects and areas.  When a small spot on a wall, for example, is wet, it will have a different temperature than the dry wall surrounding it.  Because of the temperature difference, the damp spot will appear to be a distinctly different color than the area around it.  If you think your home or business may be experiencing water loss, call us today! 817-596-8714

Up-close image of warped wood flooring

Warped Floors

During a water loss, moisture can seep into or up under your flooring and cause your wood floors to warp and deform as seen here.  The best way to prevent this is to ensure that all moisture has been expelled from your floors after a flood.  Generally, this requires pulling the flooring up and drying underneath or even replacing the wood flooring entirely.  Fortunately, our technicians here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties are trained by the IICRC to help you dry and restore your flooring. You can call us today at 817-596-8714.

Wet, stained ceiling tiles from water damage

Check your Ceiling Tiles

Often times, especially in buildings like schools and offices, you will find these. Wet, stained, or water damaged ceiling tiles. They are common and, luckily, easy to fix. Please call SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties if you have ceiling that need replacing! (817)596-8714

Drying carpet with a snail shaped fan for best overall airflow.

Carpet drying method

Our technicians here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties try to save carpet whenever they can. If your carpet gets soaked during a house flood, we want to try and restore it if possible. Since this is the case, we wanted to show the method we use to dry the carpet to our best ability, here is a picture. When we arrive at your home, we check the carpets for wetness, deterioration, mold, and more. If we find that the carpet it mold free and perfectly restorable, we start the drying process. We lift the corner of the carpet from the floor. After the proper fans and possible dehumidifiers are brought in, the drying process begins! We want to take care of our customers by showing you an example of the carpet drying and explaining it. 

Dry wall and wood flooring removal.

Water Damage in Weatherford, Tx

These pictures were taken as our technicians removed wet flooring and drywall from a customers' home. Their home suffered severe water damage and here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties, we strive to ease the frustrations of these situations. We know water damage in your home can be stressful, so give us a call today and let us help!


Air mover drying out drywall

One of Our Drying Techniques

This picture displays one of the techniques that we apply when drying wet walls. We start by gently hammering holes into the drywall about a foot apart from each other. Then, air movers are strategically placed so that the airflow from our industrial grade fans speeds the drying process.

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